HDD Advantages

Dakota Directional utilize state of the art Horzontal Directional Drilling equipment in conjunction with our large fleet of support equipment to ensure that your utility, watermain or sewer project is completed safely, timely and on budget.


Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) creates appropriate sized pathways that allow utility lines, cables and water or sewer pipe to be "pulled" without disruption to the roadways and sidewalks above. This is also an ideal solution when natural terrain such as creeks and rivers pose an obstacle to underground construction. Dakota Directional utilize the latest in Drill Head Guidance System technology to plot exactly where the pathway will run. In conjunction with a trained technician using a superior locating system to locate the buried drill head to the exact inch.


Dakota Directional Drilling crews are experienced and professional. Safety is the top priority on every job. Our crews benefit from ongoing seminars on Health and Safety. Dakota Directional workers are highly trained and get the job done right.

Cost Savings

Dakota Directional Hydro Horizontal Directional Drilling or "HDD" has saved our clients money. Cost savings with Horizontal Directional Drilling have been well documented across North America. HDD has literally saved hundreds of millions of dollars. HDD has become the first choice when installing pipelines and underground utilities without disturbing the local envirnment and existing infrastructure.


Dakota Directional Horizontal Directional Drilling is the ideal trenchless solution for underground installations. Additionally, our HDD, eliminates the need to hire public work details such as traffic police and sign holders, which equates to further cost savings.

Clear Choice

Whether you are installing gas lines, fiber optics, telecommunications, hydro or watermain Horizontal Directional Drilling is the way to go. Your project will benefit from the experienced crews and state of the art equipment employed by Dakota Directional.


HDPE & Fusible PVC pipe

Dakota Directional is certified to the highest industry standard in the fusing of HDPE and Fusible PVC pipe. This unique expertise combined with years of Directional Drilling experience make Dakota Drilling the perfect choice for underground utility projects.

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